Ketika Marah

I once feel so upset with this dunya
I once feel so upset to Allah
I once feel no longer believe in His plans
I’m trying so hard to impress him. I’m dressing like this when everybody love woman with half naked out fit.
I became a weirdo when I straight reject the non halal products, I put my self in difficulty when hardly look for halal resto.

I’m about to sue the father of my child to a devorce. Still I believe that He wont let me down to a wrong decision.

I’m about to losing my job on December. Still, I believe that He will always provide my rizqi in a different way.

My baby get Infeksi Saluran Kencing and doctor need to take antibiotics to cure. My baby refuse to eat, refuse to drink, she’s about to losing her weight and crys alot. She looks so thin right now, she lost her chubby chicks. Still, I believe Allah will get my baby well soon and forgive my sins thru all this sadness and worry.

But once, the bastards ugly men testing my sabr! And I feel no patience left to face their bullshit and damn attitude!

I feel like whatever I do has never been counted. This long abaya, this long khimar, this socks, this no make up eyes, this tears, this sadness..Allah just dont count it. When He said “Trust Me!”, I’m about losing that trust and then delay my Isya pray.

Screw me! Since I shall had A’udzubillahiminassyaithooniirrojiim words!

Moron wiwie -_-

There will always the big jerks to ruin your day, test your sabr, your imaan. The rest, u can follow your anger, release it and impress syaiton or restrain it and impress Allah. The choose is yours.


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