Sudah halal kah produk yang kita gunakan?

I once have read via official facebook account a statement from one of popular bakery shop in Indonesia said that they products are using halal ingridient except for black forest cake which using a rum. No wonder, they never obtain halal certified as they said about to register it in 2008 since they are still using rum in their black forest.

But u know what, when I visit their shop, the fact is, the rum is also used for several cakes. So I mean, they lied about saying their products are using halal ingridient, right?

So why shud I trust another statement from one of UK populer big cosmetics products via their official facebook account and website declares that their ingridients are comply with halal requirement? Since they never have halal certified by MUI or at least put halal label.

These industries deliberately lie to the market.

Be a smart buyer. Never ever easily,”Ah, bismillah ajah”.
Halal certified or at least halal label might become added value to your company, why dont just simply register it when u are clearly said that ur products are halal?


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